Product Questions

1. What is Q&A detail? Q&A contains simulated exam questions with the most accurate answers. With our Q&A you should be able to pass the certification exam. More information can be found on our products page.

2. Can I pass an exam with Q&A only?

Yes, it is possible. Our all products are of Latest version we feel confident about the quality of products. Just make sure that you study the Questions and Answers product of respective Exam for two weeks before you appear in actual Exam.

3. Are your updates free?

After you buy our products, we will offer free update in one year. After one year the product is considered expired and is removed from the member zone

4. Is it possible to extend the update period of an expired product?

Expired products can be repurchased at 50% discount from within your member zone

5. How often are your products updated?

Our products are reviewed and updated on a continuous basis. The certification vendors often change the skills being tested in the exams, so we frequently change our study guides to accurately reflect the current exams.

6. Product is showing lesser number of Questions than before?

Why to waste time on questions that are out-dated? During the Product Updates the older questions that no longer form the part of real Exam are removed and that is why Product might be left with lesser number of questions. This actually means that you have to study fewer questions and pass with higher scores.

7. How do I know that there has been an update?

There are several ways:
The New Releases section on You will notice the rapid updates here.
Status on a purchased product can be found on the download page in the member zone.
Date of latest release can also be found on the products page.
In general, you should always check for a new update 3-4 days before you plan to take the exam.

8. Your products sound interesting, but I'd like to try before I buy. Do you have any demos?

Yes we have. On our samples page you will find examples of our Q&As. There are samples of some exams from all the certificates we cover. Further requests for samples can be provided. Please, Contact Us to submit your questions and state which sample you would like to receive

9. I want a sample of another product. Is this possible?

Yes, we can provide samples of all our products. Just mail your sample request to tell us your questions and you will receive any sample you want promptly.

10. What is the quality of the products?

Our products cover almost all the knowledge points in the training materials.

11. How is the quality of the products achieved? experts verify the answers. We also receive customer feedback on our products. So, we constantly have to review our products. This guarantees a high quality.

12. I think I have found an incorrect answer in one of your products / I don't understand one of questions / One of the questions seems incorrect. What should I do?

Feedback on specific questions should be send to us via Contact Us. You should state:
1. Exam code and version.
2. Order number.
3. Login ID (Email).
We will answer your feedback promptly.

Purchase Questions

1. How do I pay for the products? accepts payments in many ways. Most popular one is paying instantly through PayPal and Credit or Debit card. We recommend PayPal for faster payment.

2. Do you share your customer information database with any third parties?

At we hate spam mail as much as everyone else, and we respect your right to privacy. Therefore we will never share any information about our customers with a third-party. The email you receive is only come from us, and you can inform us at anytime if you want to be removed from our mail list.

3. How do I make an online purchase?

Select the appropriate products from the products page. Add them to your shopping cart. Select Purchase Items.If this is the first purchase at and you are not a registered user, you will register yourself at the purchase the products can be accessed from your Member Zone.If you want more detailed instructions, please mail to us via Contact Us 

4. How are the goods delivered?

Instant Download, Our system will send you the products you purchase in mailbox in a minute after successful payment. All purchases are downloaded from the website or by E-mail. (If not received within 12 hours, please Contact Us. Note: don’t forget to check your spam.)

5. How do I return the products I have purchased?

As all products are delivered in digital format it is not necessary to return the goods.

6. How do I ask for a refund?

7. How long does it take for you to respond to my emails?

Our working hours:
Monday to Sunday GMT: (8:00-20:00).
Please allow up to 12 hours for us to respond your queries.

8. Is my credit card information secure at your site and how secure is your website? is fully secured by Cloudflare SSL. We absolutely can make sure that your card information is secure at our website which is guaranteed by our Credit Card or PayPal Processors.

9. I am trying to Pay for my product, but I always get ``unauthorized`` message. How can I pay for it?

Please make sure that you are filling in all the fields correctly. You may try using an alternate Payment Method for this purchase. Please Contact Us for support payment assistance.

10. How can I get Discount?

Special Discount is offered for popular certifications and exams. If you want to buy three or more products please Contact Us for getting discount.

11. How can I get Discount?

Special Discount is offered for popular certifications and exams. If you want to buy three or more products please Contact Us for getting discount.

Login Failed & Solutions

1. I have placed an order, but when I enter the user center I do not see any active Products for downloading, what is the problem?

Please make sure that the transaction was successful. Make sure that you are logging into correct account. If you think that you are doing it correctly and issue is still not resolved please Contact Us

2. After login, I am taken back to the home page, How can I login my members area?

Make sure that you are filling the correct Email and Password. Otherwise the problem is with your internet browser. Restart the computer and change Internet Settings if necessary. Sometimes changing internet browser also helps. If the problem persists, please Contact Us

3. I have forgot my Password or system is not accepting password? What should I do?

Please use Forgot passwordpage and we will send you email with a reset password link, click on that to reset your Password. Alternatively Contact Us

‘How To Buy’ / ‘Ways to Pay’

1. Choose the product(s) that you want to buy and add them to your shopping cart.
2. Fill in your frequently used email address (for receiving our products).
3. Choose payment methods:

4. Upon successful payment, our system will automatically send the purchased product(s) to your stated email. A confirmation email will also be sent as proof of purchase.
(If not received within 12 hours contact us. Don’t forget to check your spam.)

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